Olive Oil - Olea Estates Organic Extra Virgin

Olea Estates Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olea olive oil and olives are produced by the Chronis family since 1856 in their own olive orchards in the valley of Sparta, Greece from a single variety of olives. They are the top recommendation on this authentic olive oil list.

The key to the quality of Olea’s final product lies in the sourcing of its extra virgin olive oil. They supervise and often administer the cultivation, pruning, maintenance, handpicking, pressing and bottling processes as they have been for years. The Olea Estates are only a couple of miles away from the press, where the olive oil is bottled immediately after the first cold press. They ensure the most fresh olive oil you can possibly get. Everything that happens to this olive oil from the root of the olive tree until it reaches your plate is kept within the Olea family.

Olea Estates Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 years ago
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