Steward of the Land


I’m certified in permaculture, which is a system of harnessing the inherent cycles of nature to create land-based solutions. Permaculture is about building swales and berms to work with the natural flow of water, creating grey water systems that recycle your dish and laundry water to feed fruit trees, growing plant guilds (groups of interdependent plant species that might provide shade or nutrients or attract beneficial insects that the other needs) and food forests, letting ducks, chickens, goats, rabbits and other animals till + fertilize the soil, composting your food scraps to make nutrient rich soil amendments, laying down mulch to retain moisture and regenerate the land. My dream is to one day purchase my own land to steward, and to work the land, regenerating the soil and creating an abundant food forest. Insh’allah.

photo: © 2018 Zoe Eccles

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