Some Things that are Really Important to Me

What do quantum health practices, reverence for animals, being a steward of the land, having a zero waste kitchen, and bioarchitecture have to do with eating a pure, nutrient rich, do-no-harm diet? Everything, my loves, everything.

All of these things are so deeply interwoven into my heartspace. I live, breathe + dream my vision for a better world every day.

The plants we eat are so vitally impacted by the soil they grow in. The soil is enriched by the poop of the animals that walk the land. What the animals eat affects the quality of the microbes + nutrients in their poop. You see, it’s one big holotropic system that feeds itself. Humans have gotten in the way of the intrinsic laws of nature by altering animals’ diets and lifestyles, creating a slaughterhouse culture where torture and inhumane treatment is normalized, where human beings are so disconnected from the life sources that nourish them.

Our homes are mostly large disconnected tox-boxes, cut off from the nutritive properties of the sun, the magnetism of the earth, and the deep yearnings of our souls. We let the wildlife fend for itself while we dismantle precious habitat and kill for sport. Our daily habits are quickly filling the oceans + the airs with toxins and decimating our food sources.

There is a better way. Every cell of my body knows it. I’ll spend the rest of my life talking about it and bringing forth my own vision for living in a way where everyone + everything benefits. There is no 1% in my vision.

photo: © 2018 Zoe Eccles

turning dietary limitation into nourishing celebration