Tired of restriction diets? Experience food freedom at My Sacred Table. Where I share healthier versions of all your favorite comfort foods. Where we bypass dietary dogma and learn how to make previously banished “NO” foods digestible by peeling, deseeding, pressure-cooking, soaking, sprouting, and fermenting. I will teach you how to make mold-free and low histamine probiotic foods.


Low Lectin Lunches (+ Dinners, Too!)

Low Lectin Lunches (+ Dinners, Too!)

11 anti-inflammatory meal ideas
to help you live a vibrant, pain-free life

I will help you become a more intuitive cook so you can have fun modifying recipes to meet all your unique nutritional + taste requirements. I will share my passion for fresh, whole + wild foods, and help you to appreciate at a deeper level all the foods you are able to eat. You will learn to love your food, and to love eating the foods that make you feel good in your body + mind. Come, sit at my sacred table.

My Sacred Table


(except for lectin-free millet + sorghum)

refined sugar-free

(I use monkfruit, sweet veggies + stevia to sweeten)


(100% – no more gluten grains for me!)


(cayenne + other low-lectin diet approved spices are optional)

limited dairy

(non-dairy options provided for cheesy flavoring)

bean + legume-free

(you can pressure cook beans to remove lectins though)

low lectin

(this has made all the difference for me!)

processed soy-free

(I occasionally use fermented soy like tempeh or miso)


(the foods that feed healthy gut bacteria)


(My pain levels have gone way down after years of suffering!)

some of the dishes you'll find in my books