It’s been a dream of mine ever since I developed severe chemical/EMF/mold sensitivities to build a home that supports me in living as functional and healthy a lifestyle possible as I age and enter Cronehood. For me, that means incorporating all of my heart-centered interests:

• Passive solar design (harnessing the sun’s energy and land features to minimize mechanical lighting, heating + cooling)

• Quantum health principles (optimizing the indoor environment by applying the healing properties of light, water + magnetism while integrating an outdoor lifestyle)

• Non-toxic construction (using natural materials, mold preventive features, and maintaining low electromagnetic fields)

• Efficient footprint (built to my needs, not excessive in square footage)

• Pet friendly (with custom features for my fur family – providing an enriched feline environment)

• Considering the needs of wildlife (providing shelter + food for bats and other local creatures)

• Permaculture/regenerative landscaping/food production (creating nourished soil, food forests, and organic gardens)

• Soul nourishing (beautiful materials, texturally luscious, invigorating use of color, light-filled)

Right now this is just a dream but it is also part of my life purpose and I hope to be able to complete this project one day soon. I’ve already gotten a local architect very interested in working with me and two permaculture specialists on board. The bigger issue is finances, as my area is very expensive to buy land and build, but I trust that if this is meant to be, I will find a way to make it happen.

photo: © 2018 Zoe Eccles

turning dietary limitation into nourishing celebration